Monday, April 14, 2008

Some More Creations!!

Guess what he is made up of????


Magic of POP (Plaster of Paris)..

This one is from CLAY..

Method of preparing POP structures-

Material Required-

Plaster of Paris - 2 parts ( say 2 cups)
Water- 1 part (say 1 cup)
Modeling clay (any kids clay)- 1 pack
Bowl for mixing
A plastic sheet
A small cotton cord or 'Dori'
Paper clips for lighter creations
Colors (Poster or Acrylic)
Any material for further Decoration [Small mirrors, Sequins, Glitters etc. (Optional)]

Method to make Mold-
  • Flatten out a plastic sheet on a flat surface.
  • Now take a ball of clay and roll out snakes of finger thickness.
  • On the plastic sheet place those clay snakes in any desired shape such as heart, star or geometrical shapes such as circle, oval etc but make sure that it is big enough to serve as a photo frame (but it could be small as well!).
  • Now make a small shape just like the big one to make space for the photo and place it in center of the big shape.
  • You can also add some more clay shapes in the boundary created between center and main boundary but keep it simple initially (refer heart shape POP frame).
  • But later on it can be made complicated by adding more shapes in between (refer round POP frame with small circles).
Method to make POP mixture and final creation-
  • Take POP in a bowl (or a household jug).
  • Start adding water slowly, stirring continuously with a spatula till no lumps remain and the mixture becomes thick but has a flowing consistency. Make sure the mixture doesn't get too flowing otherwise it will seep out from clay mould.
  • Now start pouring this mixture in the clay mould starting from the boundary till it is completely filled between the boundary and the center small mould which will later on serve as the space for the photograph.
  • In case you have added small shapes in between make sure the mixture is filled all around them completely covering them from sides but not from top.
  • After a few mins the mixture will start setting itself, at that time insert a small piece of cotton cord (1.5") or a paper clip (for small creations) at the top of frame which will be used for hanging later.
  • Wait for 1-2 hrs.
  • Now the color of the creation will be light greyish and it will appear hard, carefully remove the clay mould/snake from the sides leaving a solid frame on the plastic sheet.
  • Carefully lift the creation in your hand and remove the remaining clay pieces.
  • You will observe the gaps that would be created by the clay pieces in center as well as boundary.
  • Take a piece of sand paper and rub it alongside the edges of whole frame to smoothen it out, cut the sand paper and use small pieces to smoothen out the inside space and other spaces.
  • After you are satisfied with its look leave it in a dry place for another 24 hrs.
  • Now it would be ready to paint if it feels hard a stone and has turned white in color.
  • Paint as desired and you can also decorate it with mirrors and sequins etc.
  • Varnish if required.