Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Method of Preparing Salt Dough

It is called SALT DOUGH and it is very simple to prepare..

U need to take-
2 parts flour(maida or wheat flour)
- say 2 cups
1 part salt - say 1 cup
1 tsp oil
water as required (generally equal to salt) - 1 cup

Knead a firm dough by mixing all the ingredients in a big bowl and keep the kneaded dough in a plastic bag for half an hour.

After about half an hour take out the dough and re-knead it for 5 minutes so that it is pliable just like clay.
Then u can mould it, shape it and make anything u like...
Then u need to bake it at a very low temperature in an oven (not microwave), otherwise it will rise like a poori or sun dry it for a few days,
Then paint it with any colours (poster, acrylic, pearl, water colors etc.) and in the end don't forget to put varnish on the whole project..front as well as back..

This will seal the creation completely protecting the colour as well as the dough permanently.

Salt dough creations!!